Hey there,  social media ladies!

YOU are the entire inspiration behind this blog!

I have developed a love for fashion and home design over the last seven years since my sweet husband, Michael, and I got married, and I have received so many comments from many of you lovely ladies via my Instagram. My husband and I have flipped three homes in the past couple years (I do the designing, and he does the REAL work!), and we just recently purchased a new personal home for ourselves... Since I have been posting about these transitions on my social media accounts, the amount of questions have probably tripled in the past year about home design, etc.

So, after much thought, I decided, it was finally time to start a personal blog of my own to chronicle the transformation of our new home, as well as using the blog to share fashion and home decor resources that I am constantly getting questions about. I plan on throwing in some travel memoirs, food posts (Of course! Everybody knows I'm a foody!), organizational tips (most frequently asked question... how do you pack for cruises, and traveling etc?!), hair and beauty posts, and of course some personal posts along the way as well. I'm so excited to share some of what's running in my crazy brain 24/7 with you ladies!

Now, if you came to this page to find out a little more about me, then you came to the right place! 
My name is Courtney Collingsworth Metz. Some of you may know me from singing  Gospel Music with my family, The Collingsworth Family. You can learn more about that HERE. I am the alto singer and violinist. My husband and I are so blessed to work side by side every week and travel the world together. My husband, Michael, is the product manager for the C Fam. When we are not gallivanting across the country you can find us working on an investment property or home project.. He is a jack of all trades, and can fix or build just about anything, but those are just extras. He is a godly man, and treats me like a princess! I am so blessed to have been married to him for seven years now (Time absolutely flies!). I'm more crazy about this guy than ever! <3 I also own a portrait photography business, Photos By Courtney, and shoot a few weddings and portrait sessions each year (in my spare time. ha!)...