3 Affordable Christmas Dresses Under $35

I polled you ladies via my Instagram Stories a few weeks ago, and you voted that you really wanted to see a post about Christmas dresses... So, today, I'm so excited to finally share with you 3 Affordable Christmas Dresses Under $35! When I started the search for affordable Christmas dresses I immediately began browsing Amazon. If you are a Prime member, you can't beat the free 2 day shipping, plus everything is so reasonable in price! All of these dresses are from Amazon, are available in all sizes, and can be shipped to you in plenty of time for Christmas (all 3 are available for free 2 day shipping for Prime members, and they also have free returns, so if it doesn't fit... no worries you can put the label Amazon provides on the bag they also provide, and ship it straight back at no cost to you!)! Any of these dresses could be worn to Christmas parties, get-togethers, or for church on Christmas Eve Sunday! I'll link each dress below the photos... I'll also include the sizing details so you know how they fit, etc. :)

This plaid dress just screams Christmas! The classic tartan plaid will never go out of style, and this will be a dress you will be so glad to have in your closet for years to come. It's a cozy, stretchy material and the silhouette is very flattering. What's even better is... The dress is between $27 - $31 depending on what size you get. It's available in Small to 2X. I will add... this dress runs pretty small. I'm normally a size small/6 and I ordered a Large. The Large, in my opinion, fits like a 6. I'm 5'6" and it hits right at the knee. If you want specific measurements just click on the size chart on the Amazon listing.


 You can never go wrong with a statement red dress for any Christmas event. I love the classic look of this dress with the rounded collar. It's a timeless Christmas dress and could also be worn for Valentines Day. At only $28.99 this dress is a complete steal!  It's available in sizes S-2X. I am wearing the Large in this dress. I also ordered the Medium. It fit as well (I think the Medium fit like a size 4-6) but I decided to keep the Large since I don't like to feel uncomfortable. I have plenty of room in the Large. I think it fits like an 8. I'm 5'6" and it hits just below the knee.


This buffalo print dress turned out to be my absolute favorite. It is a gorgeous deep hunter green color. The fabric is a super nice quality (very warm and perfect for winter), and I just LOVE the belt. You could also tie it in a square knot, but there is just something about a bow that is so classic at Christmas time. I am wearing the medium here, and I think it fits like a 6-8. The waist has plenty of room, but with the belt tied it doesn't look too big. I sized up to a medium so the bust wouldn't be uncomfortable. It's available in sizes S-2X. This dress is the most expensive of the three at $34.99 but TOTALLY worth it, and is a great deal, in my opinion! It's also available in red buffalo print and white buffalo print which would be adorable for Christmas as well! I'm 5'6" and the dress hits below the knee. 


If you purchase one of these dresses make sure to tag @courtneycollingsworthmetz  in your Instagram photos.<3 I hope everyone is having a blessed Christmas season so far! 

Black Friday Picks!

Hey Ladies! I know this is last minute, but so many of you wanted me to post some of my Black Friday picks... Here are a list of my favorites along with several things that I own that are on sale. So many of them are great gift ideas! All of them are still on sale until midnight, and some of them will remain on sale during the Christmas season. Obviously prices will vary, but you can continue to shop this post throughout the season! 😊 Happy Shopping!

Thanksgiving Traditions

I just love the week of Thanksgiving.. Growing up, family started arriving a few days before the big day, and the festivities lasted all week long. Now that I'm an adult, I'm blessed to have married into a fun-loving in-law family. So, the celebrations doubled after I joined the Metz family. My husband, Michael, and I go back and forth every year between family celebrations. His family lives about 6 hours from us in Michigan and we typically travel there, but this year we hopped a plane to Louisiana to celebrate Thanksgiving with his parents and extended family (grandparents, aunts, and uncles, etc.) in the deep south! So, since we are out of town I prepared a few blog posts ahead of time for the holiday week. Today I'm sharing some of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions I've enjoyed over the years. Outfit details are linked at the bottom of the post.

1. Peeling Potatoes with Cousins the Night Before Thanksgiving
Growing up, my best friend and cousin Julianna always came to stay for Thanksgiving. We always got the duty of peeling potatoes the night before. Sometimes others would join in and help. We usually had somewhere around 20-30 for dinner, so it was no small task! Lots of laughs and fun times were had around a giant pile of potato peelings.

3. Reading all the Black Friday Ads Before Dinner
Back before technology took over the world, the ladies would make sure to pick up a newspaper early Thanksgiving morning (or send the men to get one) and spread the ads all over the coffee table, and floor etc. and read all the ads together! So fun!

2. Singing before Thanksgiving Dinner
We usually have a lot of family at my parents' house for Thanksgiving dinner. My dad always led us in the Doxology/Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow before we ate dinner. Coming from a musical family, it was so fun to harmonize with all of my cousins, aunt, uncles, and grandparents. It never fails to bring lots of tears to our eyes and help us realize how truly blessed we are!

4. Going Around the Room Telling What We're Thankful For
In the years when we had smaller gatherings, we always went around the room and listed what we were most thankful for. This is a tradition my husband's family also shares. I love how our families put an emphasis on the real meaning of Thanksgiving.

5. Games After Dinner
My family played games here and there over the years, but when I married into the Metz family is when this tradition really started. My husband's family is all about the laughter and games and they always play games in the evening after dinner.

6. Black Friday Shopping
I'm mostly an online shopper these days, but I do enjoy getting out in the hustle and bustle. My sister Brooklyn, Julianna, and I usually go out for at least a few hours late on Thanksgiving night. One year when MP3 players had just been released, Julianna, Brooklyn, me, and my Aunt Michele waited in line outside in the cold for a long while and when we got to the front counter the last one was sold right in front of our eyes. We still laugh about that one and say we'll never do that again! HA! We usually end the night with a trip to White Castle for cheeseburgers, mozzarella sticks, and Big Red! The perfect way to top off our healthy Thanksgiving cuisine. ;)

7. Family Time
All the activities and traditions are always so much fun, but I think my favorite Thanksgiving tradition of all is just spending time with family talking and catching up. I am so grateful for the family and friends I am blessed to have in my life.

What are some of your Thanksgiving traditions?

I'm loving this cable knit pumpkin colored cardigan! It's so thick and cozy! It's a one size fits all... I normally don't buy anything that is OSFA, but this cardigan was too cute. I was so surprised with the way it fit when I got it in the mail. It looks adorable on. I would say it would fit sizes 4-12. They also have it in several different colors. My boots are on sale for about 50% off and they are so high quality. I got them for a Christmas gift last year. They are also available in wide calf. My skirt and tee are sold out, but I linked a few similar ones for you! :) Happy Thanksgiving!

Comparison In Social Media

I started Classically Courtney as a way to share what's going on in my life... Whether it be fashion, home decor, interior design remodeling, etc... I wanted to share (hopefully for inspiration) what's going on in my world. Lately I have been thinking...  All these themes are great, and I enjoy the artistic outlet immensely, but I feel like I'm leaving out one of the biggest aspects of my personal life when it comes to my blog.... My faith in Jesus Christ is the central focus of how I strive to live on a day to day basis, and I thought it only seemed appropriate to include some Faith based posts occasionally on the blog as well. I don't want to make any rules or schedules for this series on the blog... whether I'm sharing a current devotional book or Scripture I'm loving... Or just some random thoughts that have been going through my head... I want it to be a spontaneous, heartfelt part of my blog. So, from now on, you can expect to see me posting here and there on different topics that are currently catching my attention.
To start off this new series, I want to talk about something that I feel just about every woman has been effected by...


Whether we want to admit it or not... Who hasn't scrolled through their social media feed, seen a friend or woman that they admire, and thought... Wow! She is so beautiful... She has it all together! She has perfectly styled outfits, an amazing house, she's thin and in shape, adorable kids, handsome husband, she's always cooking gourmet dinners for her family, going on luxurious vacations, etc. etc. etc.... and the list goes on! Without even thinking about it, you can find yourself discouraged and feeling like you will never measure up to such an impossible standard. In the past I have been as guilty as the next girl of having these kind of thoughts.

I consider myself a decently young and inexperienced person, but one thing that I have learned at the age of 26 is... Things are not always as they seem. Yes, those ladies you are stalking on social media (Don't deny it! We all do it!) are undoubtedly blessed women... but we can never truly know a person from their online image. So many people that I have perceived to have it "all together" I have found out have gone through some really tough stuff in life. They have quietly suffered through things we may never know about. Comparing your behind the scenes, raw life to their glamorous highlight reel is hardly an equal comparison. If we allow it, comparison can sneak in and steal any joy, appreciation, or gratefulness that you should be experiencing.

When it comes down to it, why do we compare ourselves to other women when it is so obvious that God designed us to be different and unique? Why do we try to squish ourselves into a one-size-fits-all American beauty standard? Galatians 1:10 really stood out to me and I think it answers my question...

For am I seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ. Galatians 1:10

When we are seeking the approval of others we constantly feel like our lives have to measure up. We don't want to be looked at as "less"... or Heaven forbid someone thinks we are boring! When we seek the approval of Christ, our perspective changes a bit...

What is more important? That we have the latest fashion trends, the prettiest house in town, the perfect complexion, the cutest husband or boyfriend on Facebook... or a personal, daily walk with Jesus that, in my opinion, makes a young lady much more lovely than any "picture perfect" social media post ever could.

When we begin to change the lens we are viewing our lives with, comparison becomes less and less daunting. It doesn't happen over night, but with time in His word, and surrounding yourself with women who share the same values, comparison can slowly but surely change to contentment...

Now, everybody knows I'm a girly girl... I don't think that will ever change, to be honest! I absolutely love picking out outfits, home decor, interior design... the whole works! I feel like God designed us as women to love the prettier, softer things in life. While there is nothing wrong with any of these things, I pray that God will help me to stay focused on what truly matters to Him... I don't know about you, but more than my style or online image, I want to be defined by my love for Christ and others. There is nothing more beautiful than that!