My 3 Favorite Fall Trends of 2018

Fall Fashion is my absolute favorite. There is just something about cozy layers that gets me excited everytime the Fall season starts to roll around. I love to stick to the traditional, classic plaids, wools, and Ralph Lauren-esque looks during the cold winter months... but this year there are some new trends that are really catching my eye, so I thought I would share with you My 3 Favorite Fall Trends of 2018.

Overall Dresses/Jumpers

This is a blast from the past for me, personally. I grew up in the 90's and everybody wore jumpers. I mean I feel like my childhood was jumper heaven... So, when overall dresses started to make a comeback I was hesitant at first... After a while the new sleek, modern, approach to jumpers really started to grow on me. So, I went on an expedition to find the perfect overall dress to add to my Classically Courtney Collection with Lace & Lilac. After a long search, (what can I say... I'm picky!) we finally found the perfect cozy, caramel colored overall dress. I love that it is so sleek and trendy, yet it will pair perfectly with classic riding boots, boot socks, and your favorite thermal, sweater,or plaid button up. I'm wearing the small in the overall dress and it fits true to size. I'm normally a small or a size 6.

Newsboy/Cabby Hats

I have been into these hats for years. My sister, Brooklyn, has been a hat girl for life. She has worn this style of hat since we were teenagers. I always loved them, but never thought that I could pull them off. Over the past few years I decided that... life is short... if I like it, I'm going to wear it! ha! So, now I am definitely a self-proclaimed "hat girl"... I wear many different styles of hats all through Fall and Winter, and even baseball caps in the Summer. When the newsboy style hat started becoming popular again I was so excited because it is one of my favorite classic styles! You can shop the hat I'm wearing below. It's only $11.99 with free shipping if you have Amazon Prime, and it's also available in several other colors. I'm wearing the coffee color.

Long, Textured Cardigans

Long cardigans have been popular for the past few Fall seasons, but I am loving the chunky, textured, fuzzy options that are popular this year. I mean what is better than feeling like you're wearing your robe, but looking cute and put-together at the same time?! Ha! I love cozy, warm, layering pieces, and these definitely fit that description. I found the most soft, comfortable, long cardigans in the prettiest mauve and teal colors (also love that these colors are popular this season) and added them to my Classically Courtney Collection for Fall. They are an oversized fit (which I love). I'm wearing a small. You can shop these gorgeous cardigans as well as the denim skirt I'm wearing by clicking the photos below.

I hope you enjoyed My 3 Favorite Fall Trends of 2018! What are some of your favorite styles or trends this season?


  1. I agree with you on Fall weather! My absolute favorite! It's never long enough for me! I too love hats but feel like I can't pull them off! I do it anyway! Another thing is I love boots so much! I can't seem to find any tall ones that can fit over my calf area...I bought the ones you have from Bluefly (I think it's the brand) that you're wearing in the pictures with the jumper & they're a bit tight too but I push them down a little. Love hoodies too!! So much I love about Autumn weather!!

  2. I love this! Thank you for sharing! I am not so sure about the jumper trend yet (for me at least!) but I love newsboy style hats and long cardigans. ♥
    Rebekah Joy

  3. I don’t think there’s an outfit, hat or shoes that couldn’t pull off. You always look “Classy-cally” and put together in whatever you’re wearing! Your Fall collection is beautiful and the colors are gorgeous for the season!! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to put this together! You’re a pro now!!! ������

  4. "jumper heaven" hahahaha I'm glad I'm not the only one that practically grew up wearing a jumper:)
    The long sweater looks so cozy. I really like the teal color.

  5. Haha, I know what you mean about the jumpers! I was also raised in the 90s and was homeschooled, so I had a little but of reservations with the denim dresses or jumpers..haha! I just got a denim jumper so we'll see if I can wear it!

  6. Another 90's girl here! My favorite jumper was dark blue and green plaid. Of course I wore it with navy knee socks and Mary Jane shoes. The jumper you chose for your collection is so pretty! I love your fall fashion tips. Also, your hair looks very nice pulled back on the sides!

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